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Types Of Buildings cleaned

Cleaning Done Right

Make a great first impression by welcoming your customers into a safe and sanitary workspace. Building Resources Corporation's dedicated staff members clean the corners—we don't cut them. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we offer high-quality office cleaning services in the Twin Cities area.

Hospital Building

We Know the Standards Of Hygiene In Healthcare

Building Resources Corporation understands medical cleaning and the demands on doctors, nurses, and health care professionals to demonstrate the highest levels of service, integrity, and hygiene. We know what it takes to deliver on this level—day and night. We have a proven record for quality cleaning in areas that require the highest of standards and regulations. We service:

• Labs
• Clean Rooms
• Hospitals
• Surgery Centers
• Dialysis Units
• Nursing Homes
• Clinics
• Biomedical Research Centers

We Know How To Get a Classroom Clean

Schools and colleges require detail and flexibility, and Building Resources Corporation is perfectly sized to change gears quickly. Hands-on management is the secret to the success of programs in educational facilities, where bacteria and viruses often breed quickly and surfaces see excessive wear and tear. From doorknobs, tabletops, and smart boards to after-school activities and summer breaks, Building Resources Corporation flexes big muscles when it comes to servicing schools. Our clients know that we can turn corners quickly or plan far in advance, coordinating with them along the way. We service:

• Colleges
• Labs
• Private Schools
• Public Schools
• Montessori Schools

We Know Quality Office Cleaning

Whether our clients own or manage, they request the most realistic and effective programs for a fair price, and Building Resources Corporation delivers. No clients' office is the same as any other. Trust the company that puts more full-time cleaners in your building, so you know that the job is done well by the same person every night. We service:

• Financial Offices
• Law Offices
• Standard Offices
• Media Production Buildings
• Government Buildings